Pose of the Month: Twist Your Fate

Apologies for the delay in getting this out as I have been recovering from an injury since right before Thanksgiving. I should call this the Pose of the Month(s)… Clearly, the universe saw fit to slow me down a bit, so I embraced my period of hibernation like living between lines of a poem or notes of a song. Most of us have been living like this lately, but I am slowly starting to emerge from my cocoon.

This pose was brought to me intuitively and is apt for the month of February, when we’re still wrapped firmly in winter’s embrace (at least here in the northeast), and maybe thinking about what makes us feel turned on.

Reclining twist poses engage the second chakra or energy center in the body called Svadhisthana or the sacral chakra. These energy centers, of which there are seven are junction points between consciousness and physiology.

This particular energy center supports creativity, abundance and pleasure. We are each our own life’s great loves, so it’s important to treat ourselves as we would a lover and find pleasure in and of ourselves.

Twisting poses help stimulate the blood circulation and release tension in the muscles of the lower abdomen. When you do a yoga twist, it helps create a compression that will help with digestion and release. Twisting postures may also help ease mild depression because of their ability to help wring out toxins, increase blood flow and rehydrate the whole system.

Svadhisthana is a place of sweetness in which we are established in our authentic self. When this dimension of our life is clear, we have direct access to our creative core and confidence in our ability to manifest our most evolutionary choices. We are more authentically comfortable experiencing pleasure and joy - physically, emotionally, and spiritually.