Cultivate your meditation practice, or enhance your existing practice. Includes oracle cards.
Private or small group meditation training. Can be done live or via Skype

90-minutes broken up any way you want - $90
Intuitive counseling: $30 - 30 minutes / $60 - 60 minutes


Customized private yoga session or Pilates Reformer (specialized pilates equipment) session

Single private instruction- $75/hour
Ongoing private sessions - $50/hour for 4 or more, paid in advance


Complete Six-week fitness and wellbeing program - $500


Chakra Balancing

Our chakras or energy centers store patterns of energy from a lifetime of our experiences. During a session, I will read your energy centers, and clear them through a specific process using intuition, and touch. The work is not massage, but a reading of the energy centers with an intention to open and balance them using a pendulum. This one-hour session promotes deep relaxation and expands your sense of well-being. You may experience warmth and sometimes emotions during the process. At the end of the session, there is time for reflection, including oracle cards.


 60-minute - $150


Intuitive guidance session. Held over the phone, these sessions use spiritual insight to provide guidance and empowerment.  

These sessions benefit anyone looking for a more intuitive and creative approach to life's challenges and choices.

60-minute - $125